2016 ThunderBolt X2 Lightning Detector – New Features

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As if the ThunderBolt X2 wasn’t already the most advanced hand held listing detector – it just got better.

Improved Features

  • Faster Self-calibration: The Thunderbolt’s X2 Self-calibration feature has been revamped for improved functional and faster calibration resulting in faster boot up time,and improved accuracy.
  • Revised Local Alerts and Estimate Time to Arrival Messaging: The Estimated Time to Arrive and Closest Strike message has been revised to indicate when a storm is local.
  • Interference Alerts. The Thunderbolt X2 will alert when the ambient noise and other electronic devises creating interance within the Thunderbolt operating range.

 ThunderBolt X2 Lighting Detector Key Benefits

  • Greater Accuracy: Digital antenna provides superior accuracy and more consistent accuracy than other handheld lightning detectors, allowing schools a high degree of confidence of approaching storms prior to visible and audible range of lightning activity.
  • High Speed Detection: Detects activity faster than other detectors, providing information to school users at a fast and accurate rate.
  • Auto Calibration: The only lightning detector that automatically calibrates itself when unit is powered up, providing schools the confidence the unit is always detecting accurately. Most detectors cannot be calibrated and lose accuracy over time. Other detectors can only be partially calibrated manually through a difficult, cumbersome, and time-consuming calibration routine.
  • No False Positives: Utilizing a new false disturber rejection technology, ThunderBolt is immune to most all electronic sources that generate false positive detections. For school users, this means the highest confidence level that when ThunderBolt detects lightning, it really is detecting lightning, not cell phones or stadium transformer boxes.
  • Three Warning Alerts: Audible, Visual, and Vibration warning notifications. Often school users are environments where audible alerts are difficult to hear and school activities distract from watching the unit. The additional vibration alert allows user to focus on the school activity without fear of missing an lightning alert.
  • FCC, CE and RoHS Certifications: The only lightning detector to earn these three certifications. These certifications provide schools the confidence the unit meets worldwide electronics standards.
  • Low Power Consumption: Unit’s automatic sleep mode provides long operating times on AA batteries, reducing battery costs to the school.
  • Multiple Language Information: Unit can be switched to operate in English or Spanish.
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty: A full one-year and year two and three prorated warranty, schools have confidence their units are protected directly by the manufacturer.
  • Affordable Price: ThunderBolt X2 provides the most essential and most accurate detection information at a much more budget friendly cost to schools.